In my life and in this blog I want to simply open my arms to the Pursuer of my Soul and say with total sincerity and confidence “Lord, have your way in me and through me.”

I want to share that journey with others who have the same desire and with those who are searching for such a way to extravagantly spend their lives.

My aim in this blog is to equip, encourage and empower my readers in their faith journey.  I desire to help others say YES! to the call of God on their lives and to connect people’s hearts with the beautiful reality that we can know and walk in the affection of God.

I will share the UPs AnD the downs…the ????s and the PROMISES that are all present in the life of a young woman who longs to be surrendered to the ONE who is greater that you and I…the ONE who promises to be with us always on the journeys we face.

Will you join me as I venture out to share the thoughts, worries, hopes and dreams of my life as a disciple of Jesus, a wife, a mother, a grad student, a daughter, a sister, a friend?
Will you allow God to knit us together and closer to Himself as we walk in total surrender to His love?
Let’s dive in and start this journey together.
~ Wrapped in His Affection ~