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Well, not literally, but it is in back of our car on the way to GOODWILL to be donated.  It’s not that we are totally anti-tv. It’s just that we want better for our kids and for ourselves. We are starting a media fast for the next 30 days, which includes TV and movies. I will continue blogging and checking email, but will be limited with my time online other than that.  I will keep you updated on our progress as we work through our fast.

We want to live radical lives. Not just for the sake of doing something crazy like throwing out our TV, but for the sake of creating a legacy of living for SIGNIFICANCE that will last for generations. The significance for which we aim is not fame or fortune, but knowing God intimately and living lives totally abandoned to His purposes.  Eternal Significance.  Let me state: it’s not about throwing out our media sources- it IS about throwing out distractions that subtly yet violently steal the affections of our hearts (and our kids hearts) as well as the gift of time that we have been so generously given.

In order to create such a legacy and live for True Significance, there are times when it is helpful to fastto willingly say no to something that is not bad in its nature, in order to have more capacity within our hearts and our calendars to say yes to something that is infinitely better.

Our lives are so full of distraction – we want to simplify and intensify our focus to the things we feel God has made us to do.

In this season of life, we know we are called to have a thriving family who is fascinated by the wonder-filled works of God all around us (not fascinated by Dora the Explorer and the ladies of The VIEW (that one is for me 🙂 ). My husband and I want to spend more time intentionally working to cultivate a marriage that had deep roots grounded in the unchanging and sacrificial love of Christ and strong branches that reach up to our highest potential in Him.  I want to have increased focus and discipline for my last year of grad school, and I aim to pursue the passions He has put in my heart to write, teach and encourage others in their faith journeys.  My husband has his own power-stacked vision and list of goals (he’s my inspiration) and for his focus, discipline and leadership I am so grateful.

“So teach us to number our days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Psalm 90:12

We don’t want to be held hostage by distractions.  We don’t want life to just “happen” and pass us by. We want to “number our days” and live each one to the fullest.  We want each day to be lived with an intentionally eternal focus.  We want to forsake the good and run after the GREAT.

Want to join us and take the challenge to eliminate something that distracts from you living up to your fullest potential in God?

What is it that you were CREATED to do with your time on this earth?

Are you living life the way you WANT to?  Or are you letting distractions silence the power of the calling of God on your life?

If you could eliminate a distraction from your life that would help you focus on what is important, what would it be?

A great place to start is in prayer- ask God what is in your way of hearing, knowing or living His will for your life.  He LOVES hearing from you.  He is faithful to lead us when we are open to Him and so constantly affectionate towards His children.

~ Wrapped in His Affection ~