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For Valentine’s Day my sweet husband took my out to a beautiful dinner.  Here’s a pic of my plate…D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.  Such a treat to get to go to a restaurant, have such tasty food and wonderful conversations with my awesome hubs.

Surf n Turf...now you're speaking my language!

What melted my heart was not that elegant, beautifully presented dinner, although both the food and my date were absolutely fabulous!!  What melted my heart was a simple moment that I hope never to forget – it happened just before we left the house for our date.

I find that as a mom, it is simple moments like these that make life full of wonder and joy…simple moments that inspire me to keep going along this path God has called me to walk.  So here it is:

I walked down the stairs in a very casual, low-key black dress with a pink pashmina – seriously, not anything special.

My sweet little boy who had been playing outside rushed in the house just as I came down “all done up” and ready to go.  He stood there at the bottom of the stairs looking at me quietly, then let out a little gasp and said in the most tender tone, “Mommy, hold my hands.”

He then proceeded to take my hands and hold them out to the side and looked at me from all angles, and said in a hushed tone,


It doesn’t stop there.  After saying that, he continued holding my hands and led me in a little dance in the hallway near our stairway.  We danced around and around (as if playing ring around the rosie in slow-motion) for about 90 seconds, and my heart just melted – I had no defense, and there was nothing I could do about it.  I melted in only 90 seconds. I melted at the sweetness of my boy, but also at the love of God I felt in that simple moment.

He stopped the dance, then bowed and said “thank you for the dance!”  (I think he learned that from June’s dance lessons on the Little Einstein’s show!). He then ran away to resume play but my heart stayed melted right there at the bottom of the stairs.

This was taken just after "The Dance" with my little prince 🙂

That was all it took- my heart was melted and my spirit was reminded of the goodness and the love of God that meets me in everyday life…in the simple, ordinary moments we encounter God’s extraordinary love.  I was encouraged by the reminder that came through a child…the reminder of a timeless truth, that I am daughter to the King of Kings, and that my value, worth and beauty is rooted in that reality.  An eternal reality.


Thank You Lord for simple moments when You stop me in the middle of my hectic days to remind me of Your passionate love and affection for me.  Forgive me for getting so busy with my daily tasks that I so quickly overlook the ways You are speaking of Your love to me, especially in the most innocent and unexpected places.  Help me to be a better observer of Your love.


How about you?

If God were to speak to you through your child, or another unexpected messenger, what do you think He would say to you?

When have you sensed the subtle, yet meaningful reminder of God’s love in your everyday life?

God is pursuing our hearts with His tender affections.  He wants to get through to our hearts, not just our minds.  He wants to stop us in our tracks, interrupt our schedules, and melt our hearts with His unchanging and incomparable love.

He longs to connect with us everyday and to stay connected throughout the day.  My encouragement to you today is to be aware of how He might be speaking to you in the simple things- the innocent words of a child who speaks without a guard or filter, the beautiful sight of something that is uniquely meaningful to you, the encouraging words you have been needing to hear, but unable to receive.  He is LOVE and I am confident that He is speaking over you today.  The only question is, will you be listening for His voice in unexpected places?

He has tenderness in His heart towards you.  Open your heart, your ears and your eyes today and receive it however it may come.

I would LOVE to hear comments from you of how God shows up in your life today to remind you of His affection for you!!

~ Wrapped in His Affection ~