Popsicles for Everyone!

So, I always thought that summer was about slowing down, enjoying popsicles and sleeping late…is this your summer reality?

Well, it seems that since my kids aren’t in school yet, the only thing that varies from the rest of the year for us during summer is that we do indeed eat lots of popsicles.  Not so much of the slowing down or sleeping late benefits of summer yet, in my household, at least.

In fact, this summer I am speeding up, instead of slowing down…and I don’t love that about myself right now.  It’s not only my kids’ age and stage that are keeping me from slowing down…in the sit in a beach chair and read a good book kind of way.  It’s real life things, school things and lots of other little things that are constantly coming up.

POP-QUIZZES  I am working like crazy to finish my graduate degree (I have my FINAL week of on-campus classes next week!!YAY!!).

BABIES I am also beginning to think about the practical preparations for our newest number 3 baby who will be arriving early September, while trying to maintain my sanity and keep the other two preschoolers in my life from whining their way onto the curb. Any tips on how to erase whiny-ness in 2 and 3 year olds…anyone??…anything to help???

BLOGS All the while, I find myself really wanting to blog, but not taking the time to blog.  I find myself wanting to stay engaged in this wonderfully inspiring online community and wanting to continue to develop what I started here on Wrapped in His Affection, but feeling like I am floundering around and not moving forward with this fun new hobby.  Sorry about that.

ICED COFFEE (iced coffee has been one of the highlights of my summer, half-caf of course since I am drinking for two;)  So, I am blogging today from a corner in Panera, sipping a yummy iced coffee and taking a *quick* (I promise!) study break to tell you that I am still here, still thinking about you, and still wanting to stay connected with you through this site.  I wanted to let you guys know that I am still breathing and still loving that you (a precious few) are reading.  Thanks so much for sticking with me and not giving up on this frazzled lady.  There is more to come, so keep coming back!

Now that I’ve said all that, let’s try to enjoy the rest of the summer!!  I’ll try to be better about slowing down and will keep you posted on how its going more often, and would love to hear about your summer fun too!

After I finish studying for the day, I plan to try to slow down, share some popscicles, bubbles and sprinkler time with my two kiddos…and try not to get carried away by the mosquitos and gnats who have made our backyard their home!!  Here’s to summer time fun…and trying to soak up the simple joys of these dog days the midst of all our daunting to-do lists.

Let's take some time to pause and enjoy the moments of summer!

Taking a deep breath,