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Three years ago I started my masters degree with a 6 month old baby in tow.   This week I have been in Wheaton, Il for my last week of intensive classroom time.  Very soon I will give birth to my third baby and will be close to finishing my masters (hopefully in December!).

The past three years have given me some of the happiest but most blurry times of my life: 3 kids. 2 relocations/moves.  1 Masters.

Do I feel scattered and a bit stretched?   Yes, MOST days.

Have I totally loved the process and felt the grace of God? ABSOLUTELY.

Am I completely indebted and grateful to my husband, kids and extended family for laying down their lives to help me achieve my dreams?  MORE THAN I CAN EXPRESS.

Just wanted to let you know where I am and what I am doing this week– thinking about you today and what you are up to…and how you are staying cool during this heat wave!!!!

For now, back to class!!!

Stay cool!!!!