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Can you imagine being called “unwanted” your whole life?

India is a beautiful country filled with beautiful girls…but do they know that they are beautiful, special, and wanted?  Girls are “unwanted” oftentimes in poorer countries where gender discrimination is based on the economic frailty of communities and the burden of the expected dowry a family must offer in order for a girl to be married. Generally speaking, boys are seen as the wage earners, and girls are seen as a the burden.   

What must that feel like for these girls, not only to know their birth was a disappointment to their family, but to live bearing the name “Unwanted” as if, just because they were born a girl, it would be their destiny to be a burden, forever unwanted.

More than 200 Indian girls whose names mean "unwanted" in Marathi have been given a fresh start at a mass renaming ceremony in Maharashtra state. How cool is that!!!


I wanted to highlight this link for you guys to check out and read for yourself.  I was thrilled to see this and celebrate for these girls who are taking a stand for themselves and for girls all over India who have carried the burden of being labeled “unwanted”, suffering from gender discrimination as young and vulnerable children.

I am thankful for the hope that comes from this article, and the awareness it brings to the issue that girls in certain countries are not given the fair chance to live, and if they live, they are not assigned the value that they deserve.

My heart cries out for them, knowing how important it is for a girl, no matter where she is from or how old she is, to know her value and that she is deeply loved, appreciated and wanted.  I am praying that these girls would have a radical encounter with the love of their Heavenly Father, their Maker and Creator.  I am praying that their understanding of their existence on this earth would be based on the truth of God’s heart.  The truth that He knew them before they were born and delicately and carefully formed them.  That He has intended good things for all of their days on the earth.  That they were fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, indeed marvelous workmanship of God (Psalm 139; Genesis 1:26)  That He loves them, delights in them and rejoices over them with singing (Zephaniah 3:17).  That they are a gift, a blessing, a heritage and a reward from heaven. (Psalm 127:3)

May they walk in these truths, and may they receive the peace and confidence that comes through Jesus.

May the truths of God’s heart rest securely in the deepest places of your heart as well.

It’s my prayer that we all act on these truths, on behalf of girls everywhere who do not know their value.  One way to do this is by sharing these scripture truths with a girl (no matter how old or young) in your neighborhood, family, church, or school who does not see herself in light of God’s Father heart.  Even if you are still trying to believe the truth about your value and of God’s heart for you on a personal level, I encourage you to start believing them for someone else.  Begin by speaking them into the life of another person and I sincerely believe that you will begin to see heaven’s reality more clearly for yourself as well.

It’s God’s desire that we align our hearts, minds, words and actions with the truths of His heart, and when we do, we will know the deep confidence and purpose with which we were made to live.  May that be true for all the women of the world who have been labeled “unwanted”.