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“Ho!  Every one who thirsts, come to the waters; and you have no money, come, buy and eat.  Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.  Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy?  Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and delight yourself in abundance.  Incline your ear and come to Me.  Listen, that you may live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you, according to the faithful mercies shown to David.”  Isaiah 55:1-3a

If you are reading this blog, I would bet that we have something in common…

We are all probably searching, groping through our day, looking ways to get in touch with the Ultimate Reality, to make real what we cannot see, to experience in new ways, in ways that we don’t even know how to utter.  We desire to be fruitful and life-giving, and pray that our existence offers a pleasant aroma of faith, hope and love to our world, to our God.

But do we know what it takes to see the unseen, to hear the voice of the God who creates the deep rumbles of thunder and the soft kisses of a butterfly by a mere spoken word?  Are our lives producing good fruit; the kind of fruit that leaves our world changed for the better?

We are all on this journey, at various points, but one thing I have learned is that the foundation of spiritual fruit, the foundation of making a lasting change in our world, is hunger.  Hunger for the unseen reality of heaven, hunger for a touch from our infinite Creator, hunger for the justice of God to be revealed on the earth.  In my last post, I talked about longing to encounter God in our busy lives, desiring to be more awareness of His presence.  This longing is a mark of hunger, spiritual hunger.

Spiritual hunger is a gift.  It is something to pray for.  It is something to cherish once you realize its presence in your heart.  It is something to feed and nourish.  It is something to pursue with all your being.  It is worth laying down lesser distractions in order to grow the delicate seed of hunger.  When we nurture spiritual hunger, we give it the space and time to push down deep, sprawling roots that grip the foundation of the soul.  This hunger leads us to HIM- the Ultimate of our existence.

Spiritual Hunger is a miracle of God’s grace, and one of the most valuable of gifts I have ever received.  I constantly thank God for the gift of spiritual hunger.  It is not mine to claim, not mine to boast.  It is His gift of grace.  It is why I am who I am today.

I have noticed this deep soul-stirring hunger in my life since I was a small child and by His grace have been diligent to feed it.  Some seasons more than others.  But by His grace He has stirred me to consistently respond by feasting on Him.  How can I not respond to this hunger when I am consistently met with a banqueting table of rich and satisfying faire than compares with nothing I have ever known?  

Not only am I met with the banqueting table, but I am met with a Person, the God-Man, Jesus who beckons me to sit next to Him, to experience life by His side, to feast on what is eternally and unwaveringly good, to delight myself in abundance.  Feasting that satisfies the soul starts with spiritual hunger.

This kind of knowing God, feasting on His presence, leads to the development of deep roots that provide us stability when the winds of life blow, and the ability to draw nourishment from the wells of Living Water that bring forth good fruit, fruit that can leave our world changed.  When we sense spiritual hunger, we must always feed it in order for it to grow.  As we feed our hunger, feasting on His presence, His word, and on the gift of Christian community, new life starts blooming in unexpected ways.  The roots of spiritual growth grow down, the branches of our passion grow up, and fruit surprises, delights and offers the world around us a taste of heaven.

To recognize our spiritual hunger, to develop spiritual roots, to produce spiritual fruit is to glorify our Maker.

– Hunger –

– Roots –

– Branches –

– Fruit –

Do you sense a heavenward pull, drawing you closer to the Father?  Are you hungry, craving a satisfaction that lasts?  If your answer is a hesitant no, please don’t be discouraged.  My favorite prayer is for God to give people the gift of spiritual hunger. I am fervently praying that for you today.  He gives generously to those who ask of Him.  I know this from experience.

If you have had it before, but no longer sense that internal hunger or desperation for more, do not fear, do not feel condemned.  God’s mercy is new e.v.e.r.y. morning.  Start fresh right now and ask for a renewal and a fresh stirring of desire within your heart for God.  I believe one of His favorite things to do is to stir up within our hearts desire and passion for His name.  He knows our frailty and His mercy is inexhaustible.  Trust Him for your hunger and keep pressing on.

Receive Hunger.  Receive Fullness.  Receive Jesus.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.  They shall be filled.  Matthew 5:3