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This woman, Ann Voskamp, her life, her blog, A Holy Experience, touches me deeply.

THIS post challenges me to the core of my being.

She is currently in Ecuador on a trip with Compassion International, meeting a child she and her family sponsors.

Consider her words, soak in her experiences, and find a quiet moment to reflect, to bow your heart low as you respond in a conversation with Jesus. That’s exactly what I am doing right now.

“…it’s only when I feel her fingers slip through mine — when I squeeze Lidia’s hand tight, two daughters of divorce and division and brokenness holding on to each other —   it’s only then, Lidia’s skin touching mine, that I know it in the deep places:

All poverty is first a poverty of relationship.

Falling out of relationship with God was our first fall into poverty  — and into conflict and sin and hardship.  And all subsequent poverty —- All poverty stems more from an absence of right relationships than a right resources. Anything that takes the place of the primacy of the Christ-relationship leads to a place of poverty….”

“The poor are called to claim their identity as children of God and the non-poor are called to cast off their identities as gods.

The poor are beckoned to apply the gifts they’ve been given — because they have worth.

And the non-poor are beckoned to appropriate the gifts they’ve been given — because everyone has worth.

God is calling, beckoning the rich and poor alike – and He’s calling us all into right relationship.

The sun’s hot and we walk an edge of Ecuador and my hand’s sweating holding Lydia’s but I don’t want to let go—”

Please read the rest of her post…click here.  Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts…let’s start a conversation about how God stirs us to respond.