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One challenge I faced in becoming a parent was the erosion of my “quiet time”.  I look back with a deep gratitude for the years that I had to enjoy long quiet hours of worship, studying the Word and getting refreshed by alone time with God.

That was – (B.K.) – Before.Kids.  Before I had kids who get up earlier than the sun- way earlier.  Before I had kids who wake up several times a night and need help: help getting re-tucked into bed, help going potty, help retrieving a lost passie, help fighting off scary monsters, or who simply need a diaper change and a meal.  This was all before I had a the great privilege of molding the hearts of the children who are my reward.  Before I understood the sacrifices my mother, grandmother, and amazing mothers all over the world make for their children.  These women, my mothers, have shown me that in quietness and confidence there is true strength, strength that rests in Him.  Oh how I thank God for that legacy that I have inherited.

In this season – (A.K) – After.Kids., abiding in the Word and walking closely with Him just looks differently than before.  Now that I have a newborn and 2 preschoolers, I wonder if I’ll ever sleep through the night again.  There are some days I get to meet with God before the kids are up, but mostly, it looks like pouring my heart out in prayer as I wash dishes, like getting refreshed by the Scriptures as I read children’s Bible stories, like leading my kids in worship dance parties in the kitchen and connecting to God’s heart while I sit on my dirty kitchen floor and sing over my them.  Some of my most precious moments with God lately have been as I have sung Silent Night and Oh Holy Night over my son before bed.  He loves when I sing to him and right now he loves Christmas songs.  The Lord is faithful to minister to my hungry heart with His active Truth even in the moments of desperately trying to get all three kids to fall asleep.

Growing in my faith and knowing Jesus is still my number one passion, but as a mom of three kids under 4, my “quiet time” looks different.  Oh how I love to be truly quiet, to know quietness in the deepest places of my heart.  Quietness of heart is not something that changes based on stages of life.  It is the gift of His peace that passes understanding.  Having actual quietness in my daily schedule is more rare, more coveted, in this stage of life.  Maybe that’s why I appreciate t so much when I get it.  I am not sure.  But when I do get quiet, uninterrupted early morning space to be – to just be- to soak in His presence, to hear His voice, to revel in Peace, to rest in the shadow of His wings, and am also fully alert at the same time, my heart overflows with gratefulness.

17 And this righteousness will bring peace.  Yes, it will bring quietness and confidence forever.  Isaiah 32:17  (NLT)

Quiet Moments.  Amazing Grace shining through generations.  Thank you, Lord.