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GIVEAWAY!!!  I have been so moved by the music on this album, I can’t help but share it with you guys.  I think you can see a trend here, based on my last giveaway…I am sucker for great music and love playing it in our home…

This Christmas we bought Chris Tomlin’s Glory in The Highest album.  My favorite song on the album is “Emmanuel: Hallowed Manger Ground”.

“And He shall be called…EMMANUEL.”  Of all the names of God in the Bible, this is one of my very favorites.  His name makes my the beat of my heart quicken and my hands raise in worship.  I am not kidding.  Every time this song comes on and declares His name, I stop what I am doing and lift my hands and say “Thank you God!”  I can’t help myself!  His humble love leaves me amazed.

He has come to dwell with us.  

At this point, my kids follow along and worship with me, which makes the moment even more precious as we enjoy God’s presence and sing with joy in the midst of our crayons, stickers, play-dough and dirty dishes strewn all over the place.  He is with us.

He has come to dwell in our midst, to bring light where there is darkness and to be the hope of restoration for all of His creation.  My heart is overtaken with emotion, awe and worship at the thought of it.

“Emmanuel. God incarnate here to dwell”

I am astounded at our good God who, because an earth-shaking desire, came to be with us.  He’s been pursuing our hearts throughout all of history.  At the birth of Christ, the world was forever changed.  God introduced Himself, face to face, with humanity made in His image, created to be His friend.

My whole being responds with total surrender to such a love, to such an invitation.  I can’t help myself, He’s just that good.

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19 

The first three people to email me and comment below with what they are most grateful for this Christmas season will receive this CD.  I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and for the other commenters to be encouraged by your gratitude as well!!  The giveaway will close on Thursday, December 15.

Please email me at franciewinslow@yahoo.com and leave your comments at the bottom of this post.

I pray that the tangible presence of our Humble King, God With Us, would fill your car-pool, your morning commute, your dish washing, your evening walk, your workday, your work-out.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, my prayer is that His presence and peace would overwhelm your heart and draw you deeper into the real meaning of this season.

An early Merry Christmas from my family to YOU!

Disclaimer: no company or person is compensating me for this giveaway, I am simply thankful for you and thankful for this season of JOY.