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Ok- so my goal for 2012 in my spiritual life is to memorize Matthew 5-7, The Sermon on the Mount.

The back story:  I have loved the Word of God since I was a young thing.  I love the power of truth, I love the way it draws me closer to God’s heart and I love the ways it changes my behavior as it penetrates into the deepest places of my mind, bringing transformation, wisdom, renewal and strength in my life.

The confession: I have failed to pursue what I love.  I have not been very consistent with a Bible reading plan or with memorizing scriptures since I’ve had kids (3 years).  I have done Bible studies here and there, but I am looking for more; looking for a way to be more connected to God in His unchanging words.

The action: Instead of letting my lack of consistency be a source of discouragement and distraction, I am changing things up this year with a pretty huge personal challenge.  I am doing something I have never done before, something I know can only be done in the strength of the Lord.

In His strength, by the way, is exactly where I want to live, the only way I want to live.  Hiding His word in my heart will sure help get me there.

I am following the lead of a very inspirational lady, Lara G. Williams, who proposed on her blog, “To Overflowing”, the challenge of memorizing Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7 as a way to abide in Jesus.  It’s about one-hundred and eleven verses.  The goal: about 3-4 verses a week.

I am taking her up on the challenge.  Last year she and a few friends memorized the book of Philippians and when I heard about it, I was challenged to the core.  I was stunned, and a bit jealous to be honest with you.  I wanted what she had: heart transformation that comes from the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2) and a deep connection with God in His Word.

This year I am joining the fun.  Call me crazy but I just can’t resist.

Want to join us?

“For Your Yourself have taught me.  How sweet are Your words to my mouth!  Through Your precepts I get understanding;”  Psalm 119:103-104