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We are a young family insulated by the burbs.  As a result, I am always on the hunt for simple ways to integrate a global perspective of compassion followed with action for our family.

Here’s our latest idea: Change your coffee, change the world.  That’s the message printed on the box, that’s the work done through OneCup.org.

OneCup, a Seattle based coffee roaster, has created a unique business partnership with World Vision.  For every bag of coffee sold, the same amount of money goes to World Vision’s work in Africa.

It’s an exciting way for anyone who wants to practice an intentional lifestyle of compassion and action, in an everyday-life kind of way.  Click here for the inspiring story of the founders of the OneCup Project.

This has been especially fun for our family because we already have the honor of supporting two World Vision children.  The children are approximately the same ages as our two older kids and this “coffee project” has provided one more way to connect our daily reality to them.

Even if you don’t have any “supported children” through World Vision, your coffee purchase for a month could help provide food, shelter and the basic needs of a child in Zambia.  How amazing is that!?

The power of purchase in our consumer-driven culture is huge.  How amazing to think that by buying stuff we would normally buy, we can help people who otherwise may not be helped? 

How It Works

“Every $13 bag you buy at www.onecup.org sends a $2 donation to World Vision, which is then multiplied 5.5x by matching grant partners (USAID, Care, Land O’ Lakes Foundation) so $13 goes to fund the good work World Vision does in Africa. The One Cup Project has a 0% administrative cost.

Dollar for dollar – now that’s revolutionary. It’s business and non-profit working together. Come change the world with us.”

Here’s the bottom line: We love coffee.  We love connecting our family to global needs and global solutions.  This is a perfect way to take advantage of the power of purchase for the good of others.

You too?  Look no further.

If you are a coffee drinker (or want to give this as a gift to a coffee drinker), just go to their website OneCup.org and order your next bag of coffee, or two or three!  (hint: You can even set up a schedule if you drink coffee consistently, and they will automatically send your coffee order to you according to your set schedule.  We are on the every two weeks schedule, and it is so much fun to get the “change your coffee, change the world” brown package in the mail!)  Not only is it easy to order, but if you have trouble their team is helpful and kind.  They went the extra mile for me with a phone call and email follow-ups when I got my order mixed up.

So, how about it?  Change your coffee today, and let’s change the world together.

I’ll drink to that.

What are some other ways you have found to maximize the “power of purchase” for the good of others?  I’d REALLY love to hear your ideas!