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Let’s continue our conversation on spiritual hunger.

Maybe you want to “feed yourself”, but don’t know where to start.  

Here are some simple ideas of what you could do to begin.  This is not some sort of recipe that you must always follow, but rather a structure that can set you up for growth.  Structure helps give form to something that is newly growing, but should never be your master.  Time spent alone with God can often be more like a rhythmic dance than a consistent march.

Just be ready to move with Him.

The main point is this: in order to grow, you must eat.  And you must eat consistently.  Here are some very basic ideas to get you feasting on Him, growing in your hunger and relationship with Him.

1. Set your alarm for a half hour or hour (or whatever you can manage) earlier than usual.

— grab your coffee too!

2. Play 2 or 3 worship songs that are about God and who He is.  Listen to the words of the songs and let the Holy Spirit touch you with the powerful words of truth.  Soak. it. up.  Allow your heart to be filled with the wonder of HIM and then tell Him how GOOD HE IS.  Thank Him for being with you and for all the good He has done in your life. (Get specific!)

If you don’t have any worship music – try these songs :

My Heart Sings Worthy

God I Look To You

Hope’s Anthem

3. Open your Bible to what you want to read.  His word is like BREAD for your soul.  It brings nourishment and is the plumb line for our lives.   Just start with a few verses and say a prayer similar to this in your own words:

“God, speak to me today through Your word.  Show me Your heart in these scriptures.”

The book of Mark is a great place to start if you’re not so sure about the Bible.  Make sure you have a Bible you can understand like New International Version (NIV)…(not so much the King James Version- it’s kind of like reading Shakespeare:)) Read online at Bible Gateway if you don’t have a Bible handy.

4. Write in a journal a verse from that chapter that touches your heart, and ask God to teach you what that truth means in your life.  Spend a moment being quiet, just listening to what God may say.  Then write down anything you hear in the stillness of your heart.  Now say that verse again and again out loud or in your mind.  Listen attentively to what stands out.  Look for the connecting point to your life, to our world, to God’s heart.  Write the main idea of what you are gleaning.

If I don’t know what to write, I just start thanking God for something-anything.  Thankfulness prepares the heart for God to move. (Psalm 50:23)

5. Talk to God about the events of your day and ask God to show Himself in throughout the day.  (Don’t forget to look for HIM as the day progresses!)  Ask Him what you might do today to honor Him, and to bless others.  Then LISTEN to what He says! Pray for your loved ones and for His love to be shown to them.  Ask Him to FILL YOU UP with His Spirit.

I even like to open my hands like I am receiving something as I pray.  The symbolic gesture really helps me visualize the reality that God is filling me up.

6. Be still and listen some more.  He loves to speak in the chambers of our minds and hearts.  He’s into a relationship, growing, alive and power-filled.  Hearing and knowing His voice is key to living a victorious life.

When you finally get yourself still, you may have a heart time quieting your mind.  Silence is a discipline that takes time to develop.  But when you do it regularly, you will find it to be a priceless way to rest and deeply connect with God.

7.  Thank Him for meeting with you, and do the same thing tomorrow!!!  It just keeps getting better the more you do it!

Remember–it’s all about RELATIONSHIP with Him, so make it personal.  Get honest and prioritize TIME with HIM.  He rewards those who seek Him.  (Hebrews 11:6)  

His name is Faithful.

I’d love to have continued dialogue with YOU.

What have been the biggest roadblocks for you to consistently get face-time with God…what has helped you overcome those struggles?