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Having grown up in the church, I have no problem addressing God as “Father God”.  That seems normal.  Appropriate.  But recently, every time I opened my mouth to pray, I heard a faint whisper in my heart, gently saying “call me Daddy.”

“Call You Daddy?  That’s kind of weird, God, don’t you think?”, I sheepishly argued.

I quickly got the sense that He wasn’t too concerned with me being “appropriate”.  After all, He is after my heart- not my “appropriate piety”.  

He wants to heal my misunderstandings of His nature and set me free with a deeper knowing of His heart.

Depending on how you grew up, your image of Father may seem distant, and formal.  But I have grown to realize that God is close and intimate.

Yes, He is enthroned.  He is omniscient.  He is Almighty.   But He is also affectionately fond of His kids.  He wants a heart connection built on experiences of love and trust with His children.

He is caring, concerned, involved, present, attentive, aware, inviting, and always good.

As He invited me to call Him Daddy, I believe that God’s concern with me right now, is how I see Him.

Because how I see Him will determine how I believe in Him.  

How I see Him will determine how I trust Him.  Do I trust Him to be active and involved in my life – not only in the eternally “big” moments but in the moment to moment grind of everyday life?

For me, I am finding “Daddy” to be concerned and involved in

  • our current house search,
  • in the decision about my kids’ schooling,
  • in my need for babysitting help,
  • in my concern for close friends,
  • in my baby’s sleeping schedule,
  • in the questions I have about balancing my “calling”, mothering, with my daily reality of doing laundry and planning dinner.

It’s often the things that I assume I can figure out on my own that He wants me to ask Him about.  He cares about the small things.  He’s a good Daddyand ever so wise.  We don’t have to do it all on our own.  He wants to be involved in the big and little things of life, because He cares.

“Cast all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

While He holds the planets in place, He also paces the aisles of the grocery store with you as you search for the items on your list.

While He governs all of the cosmos, He is also present as you wade through the murky waters of parenting.

While He sits enthroned in the heavens receiving the ceaseless praise of all the hosts, He also sits with you in your loneliness.

He holds your hand in the face of fear.  He lights the path beneath your feet with His comforting presence.  He is a good and loving God.

How do you see God?

Do you dare call him Daddy?  Do you trust Him to be better than any father figure you may have experienced, one who is always faithful, always loving, always present?