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One of my desires for the “OUT” portion of my “Up, In and Out” blog is that it inspires us all to live OUT our love with compassion driven action.  As a mom, I am looking for ways to nurture this lifestyle of “outward” living in the hearts of my young kids.  Quite honestly, I am simply looking for ways to live it out myself.

Here is an inspiring story that encouraged my heart and thought you might enjoy as well.  My hope is that this story inspires our families to pursue greatness through serving the least of these with whatever resources we may have.

With that in mind….

What does extreme poverty, AIDS, basketball and a nine-year old American boy have in common?

Due to the ravaging effects of HIV Aids, 50% of Zambians are under the age of 15.  For one village in particular, there was not a high school within 60 miles.  This indicates a generation of children who are orphaned and largely without a future of hope.  

Austin Gutwein decided that this was not okay with him.  At age 9, he determined in his heart to do something about it.

He was an average player, but he loved the game of basketball.  As he learned about the devastating poverty of Africa, he used the game he loved to make a difference.

To find out more about what he did for that village and his continued work, see his site Hoops of Hope and watch these videos.  Invite your kids to watch them too and talk at dinner about your family’s reaction to such a story!

If Austin could use what was in his hands (a basketball) to change the world, why can’t we?

When we feel overwhelmed by the needs of the poor in our world, or the needy in our own cities, remember the hungry 5,000, the little boy who brought forth all he had (5 loaves and 2 small fish), and God’s ability to multiply.

That little boy who brought Jesus all he had, saw the greatest miracle of his life that day.  A little can go a long way when you serve the Great Multiplier.

*What issues or needs in our world has God been stirring in your heart to see changed/affected/addressed?

*What is in your hands (your educational background, your gift-mix, your passion, your talents, your relational network, your resource pool, your bank account) that He might want to multiply for the good of our world?

Thank YOU for reading and sharing your life with me here!  I so value your perspective and your input as we continue this conversation about living OUT compassion-drivien action.