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My posts have been scarce lately, mainly due to the recent house hunt that has consumed my life.  Our landlords are moving back to the area and kindly gave us extra time to begin the search for a new place.

Sorry for the lack of consistency with my blog- and thank you for coming back…

Needless to say, for the past several weeks, I have spent every free moment scouring MLS lists, and studying maps, school systems and traffic patterns.  Schools and traffic patterns are major buzzwords in the DC area, both having huge amounts of influence and control over people’s everyday lives.

According to what seems to be the competitive vibe around here, I feel the pressure to be “on point”, aggressive and pushy in order to get the best deal on the best house in the best school district, near the best highway exit, for the best negotiated price.  And if you know me, you know that “on point”, aggressive, and pushy are not my normal tendencies.  Needless to say, I am out of my comfort zone on this house hunting ordeal.

In addition, the DC area has been one of the least affected real estate markets in the country over the past few years, which makes for a depressed buyer when a shack in DC costs the same as a mansion in cities where we’ve lived before.

As I look at houses, I feel like I have to suit up and fend for myself in this competitive market teeming with ready buyers.  To be really candid, I recently attended several open houses with other buyers present.  Even though I was not necessarily crazy about the house, I could feel a panicky sense of competition arise.  Internally I puffed up and wanted to say, “this is MY house- what are YOU doing here??”  Because to be honest, I am afraid.  I am afraid we will be left behind, left out, left in the cold, left somewhere, holding the bag.  I am afraid we will miss out.  Stupid, I know, but true.

Ugh.  So exhausting.  So embarrassing.  So NOT the reality of God’s heart towards me, NOT the reality of my heavenly inheritance as a child of God.

All this real estate chatter makes me realize one thing: my peace is found in God alone.  I am taken care of by God and I am not out in the world fending for myself.  I am a child of the King.  I am no orphan.  I have a loving and wise Father owns a cattle on a thousand hills, not to mention all the real estate that covers the surface of the earth.  It’s all His.  And I am His kid.  

After a sweet time of prayer with my husband last night, I realized that I had forgotten that God is truly in control of this house hunt.  I have, therefore, determined in my heart not to fear or worry about what is a naturally stressful event.

He is in control of all things, even which houses will become our homes for the next 80+ years.

For the rest of this house hunt, I aim to slow down and remind myself that I do not have to run frantically from open house to open house, fearful that I am going to be left holding the bag when all the “good ones” are taken.  He cares about the little things, and He cares about me.  

He knows our needs and He has considered all angles of our season of life, our callings, our giftings, and even our preferences – the little things that excite my heart like a window-filled kitchen with an island for friends and family to gather around, a quiet office space for my husband’s work, a sane location for commuting, a yard for our suburban kids to actually experience some form of nature.  All those things that I think are just my silly “preferences” matter to Him because He put the desire to enjoy those things in our hearts, and He is a good Father who loves to provide good things for His kids.

I am learning to trust that just as He clothes the lilies of the field and makes them beautiful without their toil, He will meet us in this time of transition with His beauty-filled grace and provision.

He is in control, and He will provide perfectly for us.  Not too much and not too little.  Not too soon, and not too late.  He is the perfect provider.  I can’t wait to update you on how He does it!