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Do you know what makes you come alive?  Being aware of what drains you and what puts energy into your “tank” will help you run the marathon of life well.

For me, making a house a home fills my energy tank.  I am not the greatest designer, artist, or organizer.   But I have noticed that I feel “filled up” and inspired after looking at home decorating magazines, rearranging “house stuff”, or even just sticking a bunch of flowers in a vase if nothing else.  When my house looks peaceful, inviting and cozy, I feel like I have done something good for the world.  Something good for myself.

I think that means I like to nest.

So, it is appropriate that my newest favorite blog is called The Nesting Place.  I look at this blog almost everyday (hello tank-filler) and every post I read makes me giggle (this girl is real and she is funny).  Reading stuff like this gets my creative juices flowing.  How life-giving.  She is able to re-do almost any room and make new looks without spending a bundle of cash.  Creativity at its best.

Speaking of re-doing.  My mom gave me this sweet little shoe when I was in high school.  I was involved with a ministry aimed at helping girls walk in purity and realize their truest beauty is found in their relationship with God.  This shoe was a memento of that time in my life and I couldn’t imagine getting rid of it.  Only, I haven’t known what to do with this little shoe until today.


Find out what is life-giving to you, and give yourself 10 minutes a day to do it!  Whatever it is!  For me, today, it was putting flowers in a shoe (and taking pictures of it, of course.).

What is it for you?