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So, we moved last week.  Just a few miles away, but nevertheless an all out move.  A new start.  A renewed perspective of His goodness all around.

A new address.  New neighbors.

A quiet cul-de-sac to claim as our very own BMX training field.

Making new friends, enjoying new sights.

A precious home to call our own- so fitting for our family it seems that it was handpicked for us by God.

Blessings in front, behind, to the right and to the left.  Blessings under our feet and above our heads.  I mean that literally.  B.L.E.S.S.E.D.  If you read this post at the beginning of this house hunt, you’d know that this is truly God’s grace at work.

The delight of God in the atmosphere is almost palpable.  Not that we deserve it, but that He lavishes.  He provides.  He meets us where we are, and takes us into a spacious place.

The boxes are unpacked.  The kids are running around like they’ve lived here forever.

Even the garden seems to be converting my brown thumb into one that is trying to be green.

What have I learned over the past few months of house hunting and moving?

  • He really is King over Kings and Lord over Real Estate.  (see Colossians 1:15-20 if you don’t believe me)
  • He cares about the small things.
  • His timing is perfect.
  • He is trustworthy.
  • He knows our needs before we even speak them.
  • He loves us well.

A new home, a new start.  It is good.  I am so very grateful.

Thanks for reading, friends.

How have you seen or felt the goodness of God in your life lately?