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I am in my kitchen attempting to make homemade granola (thanks to my friend who inspires me).  I just cut up fruit salad and before that I marinated chicken and chopped sweet potatoes into wedges to bake for dinner.  With this image you may assume that I am normally this productive in the kitchen.

Actually no- not at all, most days.

Really, I am just kind of numb and am trying to fill my morning with productive and mindless work.  Work that is allowing me to do something practical that needs to be done, while giving the Spirit of God space to do His gentle work within my heavy heart.

I am sure more will come out on this later, but for now, this is what I have to share with you about a recent and raw disappointment.

God calls us to trust Him with all our hearts.  To trust Him even when we don’t understand our circumstances.  Even when we don’t understand why somethings happen they way they do.  Even in the face of bitter disappointment.

Trusting the Lord with all of your heart is no small thing.  It requires risking what’s most valuable to you, and believing that He is good, even when you don’t see the whole picture.

Trusting the Lord means that something valuable is at risk.  Trusting Him is like giving Him your most precious possession and letting it rest in His hands.  No easy feat.

He has been speaking Proverbs 3:5-6 to me in a new way this weekend.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart (your disappointments, your sadness, your confusion, your questions).

Lean not on your own understanding (your own expectations, your clearly laid out plans, your seemingly right ideas of how things should or will go)

Acknowledge Him in all of your ways (travel plans, travel cancellations, cuddling a feverish child, tears of regret, wading through conversations with a disappointed four-year old who so wanted to ride an airplane and visit the big city and stay at a hotel-so many anticipated firsts as a boy, as a family).

He will make your path straight.  (He will work it out for my benefit, He will reveal His kindness, He will show His faithfulness, He will show Himself to be near and perfectly in control, and good beyond my imagination).

I have asked the Lord to take this familiar scripture, this familiar idea, to a new place in my heart.  A new place of trusting Him.  Oh He is so trustworthy.  I know that from years of finding Him to be nothing but consistently faithful.

That my weak heart would remember that He is good in all things, and He will redeem and make my path straight as I trust Him.

What are ways that the Lord is gently and lovingly bringing you to a new place of trust, difficult as the path may seem?