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After being out-of-town for a few days, I was disappointed to find that a plant my dear friend gave me as a house-warming gift seemed droopy, and nearly dead.  It looked like I had failed and yet another poor plant was victim to my brown thumb.

But as I looked a bit closer and attempted to water and nurture this far-too gone plant, I saw that a different kind of life was growing right inside the planter.

Unexpected life forming in the midst of what seemed like a failure.

A grace-filled moment.

In your love for others today, look for unexpected life in people who seem lifeless.  Look for the hope, the glimmer of destiny that exists even in people and circumstances that appear to be without hope.

Speak hope and life to someone today who doesn’t expect it.  Share a hope-filled glance, a gesture of grace, a word of love to someone who feels defeated.

Sometimes life grows where we least expect it.

How have you been surprised by life, hope, or grace in unexpected places?