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The winners of the book giveaway are Harley, Lynette, and Sarah!  Thank you for your book recommendations and sweet words of wisdom!

Here is another inspiring quote from the book on Brother Lawrence’s simple yet completely inspiring faith:

“Everything was the same to him-every place, every job.  The good brother found God everywhere, as much while he was repairing shoes as while he was praying with the community.  He was in no hurry to go on retreats because he found the same God to love and adore in his ordinary work as in the depths of the desert.”

My prayer is that the ladies who receive this book and all of you reading this post today would find delight in God in all that you do today.  Whether that is wagon walks, washing the car, weeding your garden or WHATEVER you find yourself doing.

May you find the same God to love and adore in everything you do.