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So summer is officially here.  This Friday, I thought I’d just give you a glimpse into the NON-STOP action and excitement around my house.

Really, it’s just simple joys.

This is our first summer to live in this house, and I was totally shocked and completely blessed by the flowers that have bloomed!

Beach themed birthdays are the best! (the butterfly hat was a bonus- they didn’t have fish/beach themed hats at the store…but she loved it none the less!)

If you visited my home, I would readily admit to my brown thumb…but thankfully these little growing tomatoes are boosting my low gardening esteem.

We would be thrilled to actually be able to pick some of our strawberries…the only problem is that something nibbles devours them before they are fully ready to be picked!! Squirrels? Chipmunks? Any hints from you gardeners?  I welcome all advice you want to give.

She claps everywhere she goes!  What a gift to our family!!

Balancing act…and the lilies!  Oh the lilies!  They have provided a recurring morning activity; the kids rush out the door each day to see which ones “popped”!

If we don’t look out, “Tink” just might turn into a watermelon…

These hydrangeas have been one of the happiest parts of my summer so far.  They have filled vases in nearly every room of the house.

Simple joys.

It is my aim to enjoy these simple joys.  To fully engage my kids, face to face, eye to eye.  To slow down and savor the colors, the giggles, the snuggles and the unmatched fun of childhood summer.

Bring it on, summer!  We’ve been waiting and now you are here!

What fun things have gotten your summer off to a great start?  Any unique memories made so far?