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Lately I’ve realized that there is so much noise attempting to crowd out the conversation that is called my “quiet time”.  Noise that comes in the form of to-do lists running through my head, thoughts like “we are totally out of peanut butter, paper towels and baby wipes; must get to the store TODAY“, a temptation to check my FaceBook feed just once (every 5 minutes), and of course wandering thoughts that lead me to random urgent pleas for answers, help or guidance from God.

And after all that noise that so easily interrupts and distracts what was supposed to be my “quiet-time”, I am left with nearly no-time for real connection with God.

This is not what my heart desires.  I was made to crave more.

I do crave more.  I crave deep connection with my First Love.

But why is it that I can so easily sit with my Bible open, distracted with random thoughts and never really get connected to God?  Or how is it that I am tempted to say a quick “get it done and move on” dutiful prayer while my mind has already jumped ahead to today’s tasks, as if that is what “quiet-times” are for?

We were made for more and He invites us into more.  Into what is heart-changing.  Into something life-changing.  Invited into something holy.

Not just “quiet-time”.  Holy-time.

Set-apart time with the Holy One.

Set-apart, not in an isolated and indifferent sense of the word, but in a holy, guard it with your life because everything and everyone will unknowingly try to distract you from it, sense.

Holy in that we connect with the One who is totally other– totally un-boxable, totally unpredictable, yet totally consumed with love.

Today, I purpose in my heart,

This early morning, I wake again,

This very moment, I lay down the distractions,

and I come.

I come with my heart and my mind and my affection, ready to connect with Him.

I come because He came.  Because He comes, ever so faithfully, and offers new life.

I come to seek God for the beauty of seeking.

I wake to pursue God simply to know Him.

Not necessarily to get anything from Him; not answers, not direction, not help, not blessing.

Just for the pleasure of being with Him.

For the satisfaction of whispering up this honest prayer:

“I am Yours, my distracted life and all, I am yours.”

And hearing a soft whisper in return, “Yes, child, you are Mine, and I am yours”.

For the pleasure of exchanging love.

Giving, receiving, and resting in love.

Waves of heaven’s whispers washing me in the early morning.

Whispers of love, of affection, of promise, of truth, of freedom.

That’s reason enough to wake.  To come.  To be.

Do you find your heart to be easily distracted in your “quiet times” like mine so often is?  

When is the best time of day for you to have a heart-to-heart connection with God that is less distracted?