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This morning we attending a local 4th of July parade.  Seriously, I am such a small town girl.  The 4th of July just isn’t celebrated until I have attended a Main St. parade.

I LOVED every minute of it.  It was fun and festive and hot.  But really, beyond the colors, balloons, and flags, my heart was deeply touched.

Touched to see such a diverse group of people gathered in unity to celebrate the ideals of freedom.

Generations.  Races.  Ethnicities.  Languages.  Social classes.


Honoring and celebrating the fact that those very groups of people have the freedom to gather, and that they gather in peace.

As the policemen opened the parade, making way for the soldiers carrying the flag, tears welled up in my eyes.  To my left was a member of our military watching the parade, holding his baby girl close. To my right were families from various ethnic origins speaking languages I didn’t even recognize.

All enjoying the freedom of our country together.

Tears of gratitude; for the wisdom of our founding fathers.  For the bravery of our armed forces.  For the legacy of freedom we have inherited and are passing along. 

May we continue to walk as a nation under God.  May, we as a nation, know deeper peace and freedom for future generations.  May peace and freedom abound in all the nations of the earth.

May God Bless America, and May America Bless God.

And a big THANK YOU to all the members of the armed forces, our nation’s leaders and the families they represent.  Thank you for your leadership, sacrifice and service.