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The key to fulfilling our destiny lies in our daily choices:  the decisions about what we do, watch, don’t do and prioritize daily, even hourly.  We all have dreams and desires for our lives, but they don’t just happen along the way.

We often act in compulsive ways with our dreams, driven by passion but lacking in discipline.  On again, off again with new ideas, habits or fads that seem to be working for everyone else.  As a passionate person, I have learned that it’s not the compulsive new idea that leads us to our destiny, but consistent action that shapes our lives and aligns us to live our calling.  Being faithful in the small things leads to opportunities in the big things.  

I am not talking about living by “rules” as much as I am talking about living intentionally.  Living on purpose everyday to fulfill the desires and purposes God has placed in your heart.

  • Has God set you apart to be an artist?  When are you practicing your craft?  Where is your sketch book?  Is it in a box under your bed, or on your living room table, ready to be opened?  Take 10 minutes a day to spend with your sketch book, and see what develops after a few months of practicing that habit.
  • Has God anointed you to be a teacher?  What steps are you taking to get certified and accredited so that you can get into the classroom when the time is right?  Have you considered reading books on teaching styles and volunteering as a teacher’s aide to begin that journey now?
  • Has God called you to be an personal trainer?  What time are you waking up?  What are you eating?  How are you following up with prospective clients you meet at the gym and on the street?

Life is about stewarding the gifts God has given us.  We cannot make our “destiny” in God happen, but we are called to be faithful to steward, cultivate and develop the gifts and passions He has placed in our hearts.  As we faithfully steward our days, our hours, our thoughts and our relationships, we will be all the more prepared for the destiny God has for us when the time is right.

I am finishing up my first book, (here’s a glimpse of it) and am getting it ready for a pilot group that will read through it as a book study this year.  I also just finished my masters degree, am an aspiring blogger and have been able to do some speaking ministry recently as well.  This is some of the stuff of my dreams.  I share all of this for the sole reason to tell you that if I can “do the stuff” of my dreams with a zoo of a household and a tendency to be scatter-brained and anti-goal, then you can too.

I haven’t gotten it right everyday, but I have purposed in my heart to take baby-steps everyday towards my calling.  And it’s the journey of the daily baby-steps that are even more important than end-goal because of who we become in the process of living intentionally.

Here are some of the best tips I utilize to “do the stuff of my dreams” a little everyday.

1. Turn off the TV.  I rarely watch TV, and when I do, it’s the news or a family movie.   There is way too little time in the day and if I sit down to watch TV, I might not get back up.  Joking, but only kind of.

2. Early to bed, early to rise.  Get up early.  I have found that my life is dramatically more productive, enjoyable and peaceful if I get up before my kids.  I get up and do a (very) short exercise regimen then I spend time with God.  If I have time before the kids wake up, I write.  This gives me a great start, not only to get spiritually filled up (which is an absolute necessity) but it helps me take little bites at a time with my writing goals.  (the key here, is that you must go to bed early.  But if you are waking up early, your body will take care of that part…there are definitely the days when I am fast asleep by 8:45pm)

3.  Remember the mouse who wanted to eat the elephant.  That is a story, right?  Well, the moral I think of from that image is that life is totally overwhelming if you just look at the size of the beast.  But the key is to simply start by taking small bites.  I usually try to write a bit in the morning (15 minutes) and then during my kids’ nap times.  Sometimes it works out beautifully, sometimes no one naps and I get nothing written.  But then I just try again the next day.  The goal, is to write something everyday.  Not a chapter everyday, just something.  Just sit and be faithful to write.

4. Write down what you really want.  This is GREAT prayer material.  Ask the One who made you, exactly what He made you to do, be, impart into this world.  If you give this question serious thought and prayer, it will be the most important question you ask yourself.  Discovering what it is that you were created to do, what it is that you really want to be, do, have, give will be the roadmap for what your days look like, who you intentionally meet, where you spend your time, what you read, and how you live.  When you start getting ideas of what you really want, write them down, and read them daily.  Then start making choices for your life to align with those things.  For example, I dream of being a best-selling author, so I am writing a little bit everyday to improve my skill and to fine-tune my “voice”.

It’s not about “accomplishment” as much as it is about the journey of faithfulness.  It’s about building character over the long haul; making consistent choices towards your goals builds character, and character will enable us to hold all that God wants to entrust to us.

“Well done, good servant, because you have been faithful in a very little thing, be in authority over ten cities.” Luke 19:17

So, what is it that YOU WANT?  What is “the stuff” of your dreams?  I’d really love to hear your comments on this!

What is one habit you can establish, or the one thing you can change in your schedule that will help you take another step closer to your God-given destiny being fulfilled?

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