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Allume starts tomorrow.  I’ll be there, with a few hundred other INCREDIBLE ladies who want to live as lights in the world, especially in the world of blogs.

It’s going to be super fun – an amazing time to meet amazing women who are doing some pretty amazing stuff with the talents God has given them.  Hopefully when I get back, I’ll know more cool tricks about how to make a this space an inspiring and helpful place for you to visit.

Prayers for my sweet hubs- He’s in charge of the whole crew for the weekend!  How amazing is that?!  So.Blessed.

Now off to pack while the kiddos nap!

ps- I’ve been looking forward to this for months, but have butterflies in the pit of my stomach!  So much to do, so many details, so many new faces to meet and new things to learn!  (I’m an introvert!)  Just reminding myself to breathe.