Hi friends-

I wanted to let you in a change you will notice very soon on this blog.  Since I’ve been working on my book this fall and speaking to a few Moms groups each month, my time and energy for blogging has virtually disappeared.  But my desire to connect with you has not!

I’m posting today to prepare you for a new format of posts that will be coming your way.  A real way of me connecting to God, and inviting you into that experience.  It will be simple, short, and relatable.   It will be something that I pray will lead you straight to His heart and launch you into your own God-encounter.

Life is so busy- all we really have time for is a heart connection with Him and walking in the things HE has called us into.  Not more noise, not more information, not more lists for success and ideas on how to be the best at everything.  In the words of Fernando Ortega, my heart cry right now is, “Just give me Jesus”.  Do you relate?

My heart is filled and overflowing with love for Him and gratefulness for YOU!!  Let’s do this journey of connecting with God together.

Let’s talk very soon!!