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Christmas is almost here.  The hustle and bustle, the traveling, the winter sniffles- all in full swing.  It feels like I have barely stopped to breathe.

Did I miss it, Lord?  The chance to glimpse You in it all?  My advent calendar was ripped by overly zealous little fingers.  My kid friendly nativity scene is scattered and missing throughout the house.  The attempted Christ-themed art projects were an utter failure.  And I spent a lot of unplanned time on Amazon shopping and planning and making lists that seemed to never end.

I want to experience the “wonder” of Christmas- but it lately it’s seemed less like wonder and more like logistics.  I know I’m growing up, but I still want to believe.  To believe with wonder and expectation – to know the kind of hope that points to more than what I can even ask for or imagine.  To believe for the nearness of You in all the celebration.


“What are the moments you’ve gotten a glimpse of Me?”, I hear You ask so tenderly.

Well, Lord, as I look back over the past few weeks of hectic-fog, it’s been when I’ve clumsily managed to share You in the midst of the hustle and bustle.

  • The young MOPS moms gathering at my house, sharing the joy of our kids and the blessing of having one another in this stage of life when we are all so far from our families.
  • The hurried but heart-felt neighborhood pumpkin bread delivery…seeing the surprised faces of neighbors who we rarely see at all. (I hope they didn’t mind the crinkled packaging!)
  • The visit with my mom and daughter to an elderly shut-in who used to be a regular and dear part of my childhood.  (a visit that almost never happened because of my all-consuming gift-wrapping agendas…thank You Holy Spirit for nudging my heart towards love).
  • And my favorite, when my son told the check-out lady at Target that “for Jesus’ birthday, we’re making Him a heart cake- ’cause Jesus loves our hearts.”  Humbled by what that child teaches me.

I saw You then, Lord. 

I glimpsed You when we shared You.  Planned and unplanned moments of sharing love.  Moments when we loved others with the love we’ve been given.

I love You, Lord, and crave to be close enough to see You, to feel You, to know You.    On this happy day, and this holy night, in the gifts and ribbons and delight.  I want to see You.

It the simple moments, in the traveling, in the resting, in the gathering that I want to know You.  I want regular glimpses of Your glory in my everyday living.  You are God-with-us…and I don’t ever want to miss You in the moments.

Thank You that You have given me eyes to see You, Lord, and a heart to know You.  That is the greatest gift of all.

Glory in the Highest, and Peace from God to men.