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A good friend of mine wrote a culture-impacting article for a fantastic new magazine, Darling Magazine.  It hits at the core of our image-obsessed culture.  The article resonated so much that it has started a revolution.

A beauty revolution.

Get the full story on the “Naked Brunch” that started it all here.  Inspired by these courageous and beautiful women, I decided to join the revolution too!

I’m starting my New Year by going bare. Today I’ve changed my facebook profile picture to celebrate REAL beauty.

This year, I want to try a little harder to love the girl that looks at me from the mirror in the mornings, before the mascara and flat iron do their work.

I want to participate in building a new beauty culture that will encourage women to be and love themselves instead of contributing to the jealousy, self hatred, and competition that social media often perpetuates between women.

To join Darling Magazine’s Beauty Revolution and take your own stand, click here: darlingmagazine.org/darling-beauty-revolution.