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Wyatt (my hubs) and I have a honeymoon marriage.  One reason it’s so good may be that we are constantly brainstorming creatively about how to make it even better.

DSC05713We’ve found that these three things add value and fun to our life as a couple.

1. We pray together.

2. We work-out together.

3. We take classes to learn new things together.

The result?  We consistently grow more connected spiritually, physically and mentally.

Here are three quick ideas to try if this sounds good to you:

1. “Thankfulness prayers” together at the same time everyday.  Morning works best for us.  Just come to God with a few simple things you are both grateful for.

2. P90X exercise videos.  I recommend starting with the 10 minute trainer– my favorite!  You can do just one or several at a time depending on your schedule.  If you don’t have the cash, a youtube work-out video will do just fine.

3. Check out The Great Courses website for easy access to a huge variety of streaming online lectures by Ivy League professors that you and your spouse can both enjoy.

I LOVE great marriage ideas.  Please tell me what’s working for you!

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