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We all want to know God’s plan for our lives.

May I propose something in 7 sentences?

Walking closely with God IS His plan for our lives.

The NEARER we draw to Him, the MORE of our God-given destiny we will discover and apprehend.


When we walk closely with God, giving Him full access to our hearts, all aspects of our lives are affected: our marriages, our families, our career path, our perspective, our creativity, our desires, and even our life vision.

When He is the inspiration for our days, the potential, hope and possibilities are limitless.

Knowing Him unlocks the reason for living, and reveals the reality that He is our Maker, and in knowing Him, we know our purpose more fully.

For your reference: 
(Isaiah 64:8; Jeremiah 33:3James 4:8)
(7 sentences approach was inspired by this blog)