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The events of Easter weekend can so easily slip by, being only vaguely recognized by a church service or an annual family dinner.  The real meaning sometimes overshadowed with the excitement of spring break, Easter egg hunts, and the first cook outs of the season.

This vague recognition of Love-In-Our-Midst is not unusual.


God, carrying the weight of our broken world on His back, suffering on behalf of mankind once and for all, was in their midst too.  Totally unrecognized by most who witnessed the events of Good Friday firsthand.

The earth-shattering events of Easter easily go unrecognized if we are not intentional to stop…to look for Him…to engage His bleeding heart for His creation whom He so loved.


This morning I re-read the account of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion on Good Friday.  I was honestly stunned that the religious leaders were face to face with God, yet He was totally unrecognized.

As He faced His accusers, both religious and political leaders on Good Friday, they kept asking, “are you the King of the Jews?”  His consistent reply: “Yes, it is as you say.” (Mtt. 26:64; 27:11)  They were in His presence, yet didn’t recognize Him.

Unseen for who He really was.

“The man Jesus Christ, gave Himself as a ransom for all.” 1 Timothy 2:6

I feel drawn to pull away from this spring day and look for Him.  How often is He at work around me, yet I fail to see?  So preoccupied with my own agenda that I fail to look?

I want to stop and recognize Him today.  To see the miracle of God as man paying the ransom for all mankind.  To see the darkness He faced, the darkness He wore on that Good Friday.  My darkness He carried on His shoulders.

And yet as I look for Him, and see the darkness and sorrow of Good Friday, my heart is filled with gratitude.  Tears run down my cheeks as I thank this humble God-man for his unthinkable sacrifice and love.

Will you join me in a prayer to recognize Him today?

King of the Jews :: Rescuer of All.  Thank You.  

I love that You are who You say You are.

I bow to Your authority.  I remember You today.  I recognize Your sacrifice, Your humility, Your love, Your commitment to redemption.  

You are The Unstoppable Love who finished the work of redemption the whole earth cries out to receive.  

Open my eyes even more, and the eyes of my generation and of this world,

*that we may SEE YOU* 

King of the Jews :: Rescuer of All.  I recognize You with my life.  

You are THE ONE who died to set us free.  


If you have a moment, listen to Rita Springer’s song, King of the Jews.  Powerful stuff.