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We were created to be salty– to give the earth flavor- to season people’s lives in a way that makes them hungry for God.

We were also created to be light– to shine boldly- to illuminate our communities with hope, joy and peace.

It’s as if our lives are signposts, pointing people to a Better Way…to New Life…to Everlasting Love…to Real Significance…to Hope…to a Fresh Start through our resurrecting God.


All things are being made new. And we get to proclaim, live, serve, share, love in a way that this message of NEW LIFE and a FRESH START connects people to our Living Hope.

As we humbly and radically and genuinely pray for God to mold us into the image of Christ, we point the world to The Anchor for our Souls;

The Anchor this drifting world aches to know.

All this, that people would see, experience, and glorify God.

All of our minutes, hours, and days, for the glory of His name, and the extension of His merciful redemption to the ends of the earth.


(Matthew 5:13-16; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Romans 8:29Hebrews 6:19; Isaiah 40:5)

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