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Confidence.  We reach for it, and man do we wish we had it when we attend office parties with our husbands, meet new moms at the park or sit quietly in front of our online bank account, fearful for what our future holds.

As we stepped over the threshold of motherhood, many things including our waistline, our job title, our income level, our friends, our perceived value, and our daily schedule changed massively.  These changes pose a challenge to any mom, and insecurity often follows such tremendous transition.

The world would have us believe that confidence will be found when we finally loose that extra 15 pounds of baby weight.  Or that we will be confident when our house has nicer furniture, or when we find the perfect fitting jeans, or our kids are more obedient, or our husbands are more adoring.

Yet as we have all experienced, true and lasting confidence is not found in any of these things.  In fact, once we lose the pounds, or gain the affections of a person, or have a “good day” with our kids, we quickly find another reason to stumble again in our familiar pit of insecurity.


Becoming a woman of confidence doesn’t happen when external circumstances align with our desires or plans.  

Confidence grows from the inside-out.  

In this series we are going to unpack what true confidence looks like, and how to nurture it in a healthy way.  We will see how confidence grows as we…

  • are able to recognize insecurity knocking at the door and tell it to “go away!”
  • are sure of who we are on the inside
  • are more God-conscious, than self-conscious
  • are aware of others around us, and actively seek to draw the best out in them instead of thrusting ourselves into the center of conversation
  • understand our own strengths and use them for the greater good of the world.

My heart’s prayer is that this series on confidence brings us all back to the place of living confidently with who we are, Whose we are, and in doing what we were designed to do in this world.  

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So let’s get started, shall we?  See you back here on Friday.