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If you’re just joining us, I am SO GLAD you are here (read the last sentence of this post to find out why).  Check out this post to get caught up on how we are MOMS in pursuit of TRUE CONFIDENCE.  

Today, we are declaring war on insecurity with 20 reasons to back us up.

Why Insecurity MUST GO:


  1. It assumes people are thinking and saying the worst about us.

  2. It promotes ruthless comparison, isolating us from potentially awesome relationships.

  3. It paralyzes us with fear, and makes us worry about things to an unhealthy degree (health, marriage, safety, the future).

  4. It keeps us from our destiny, always second guessing our worth, our gifts, our talents.

  5. It emphasizes our weaknesses instead of our strengths.

  6. It keeps us blind from really seeing and appreciating the people God has placed in our lives, because our eyes are fixed on ourselves.

  7. We are unable to just “be” and unable to find quietness and rest on the inside.

  8. It creates an infertile environment for spiritual growth and maturity.

  9. It feeds envy and bitterness, creating false walls of protection.

  10. It can be highly contagious to those we love most; when we let insecurity lead us in our relationships and decisions, it’s the model we give our children as they approach life.

Why is TRUE confidence so great?


  1. It makes room for us to build and appreciate authentic relationships.

  2. It sets us up to learn from others, rather than always feeling threatened and therefore closed off.

  3. It’s a springboard into our God-given callings and purposes.

  4. It creates a “YES” attitude, and our normal thoughts become “I think I can.  I think I can, I know I can.”

  5. It helps us get out of the bed, on the right side of the bed, every morning.

  6. It’s the inner smile and peace that acts like a magnet, drawing people to us.

  7. It sets us up to be humble leaders who bring out the best in others.

  8. It’s the assurance that we are loved with an unchanging love and therefore we can love without fear of being hurt (this sort of confidence believes God is able to heal any wound we incur along the way and trusts that His word is true)

  9. Its learning to walk in the image of our Creator– the one who is LOVE and who is WHOLe.

  10. Our life’s anchor becomes God and His nature, rather than our emotional responses that come and go like the wind.

Thanks for joining me as we start this series of becoming a Confident Mom: Finding and Keeping True Confidence.

We are on our way to thriving as moms when we live with TRUE confidence that works its way from the inside-out.

In the comment section, WHAT CAN YOU ADD?  Any more reasons why insecurity MUST go?  Or more ideas on what’s so great about true confidence?  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

*On Monday we’re going to tackle the difference between TRUE confidence and Cosmo confidence.  We are also going to look at practical ways to overcome insecurity in your daily life.  Hope to see you then!  

**and if you feel like this is helpful, would you consider sharing it with your friends?  I’m passionate about seeing women set free and thriving in life.  Confronting insecurity and finding TRUE confidence is a big part of us learning to thrive.  I’m on this journey too, and I’d love to see a movement of confident women who run into their destiny with love, joy and purpose.  The world would be a different place!  Let’s do it together!