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I’m taking a break from our Confident Mom series for the weekend, but wanted to offer you some interesting reads.  Which is your favorite?

~ The history of tap dancing…Really– by Simple Mom (it’s actually quite interesting, with videos too)

~ 6 Characteristics of a Spiritual Leader – Bob Hamp via Michael Hyatt (excellent thoughts on transformational leadership)

~ The Importance of Crossing Finish Lines – Tom Basson via Michael Hyatt (great for a business setting, but also a great way for parents to think well about life at home.)

~ Your Clutter is Killing Your Creativity– Jeff Goins (I need continual reminding of this)

~ When Fear Comes Knocking – Lara Williams (every mother will identify with this one…and probably just about everyone else too)

~ Who Is Mavis? – (lady whose family eats on 100 a month, and other crazy stuff)

~ On Failing – Lisa Leonard (a short word of grace)