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Good Saturday morning!  Not too many words to share today, because I’m enjoying family visiting.  That said, here are a few reads if you have a minute to be inspired.

I am thankful for this space to share with you!  Enjoy!

Comparisons Will Kick You in the Teeth, and Hijack Your Dreams At the Every Time by Lisa-Jo Baker (how comparison will eat at the heart of everything you love most…a timely word as we work through the Confident Mom series.)

Quick Tips for Making Your Garage Summer Ready by Courtney at A Thoughtful Place (not sure this will EVER happen in my garage, but a girl can dream, right?)

5 Ways to Cultivate Friendships by Lara Williams via Allume Blog (this is helpful in light of my recent post on TRUE confidence in community…great advice I needed to hear)

5 Reasons to Write What is Real, Not Just What Sells by Natasha Metzler via Allume Blog (a good word for us writers, or creatives of any sort, to remember what really matters)

How Not to Share the Gospel with Your Kids by Katie Orr via Inspired to Action (some helpful links for walking with your kids towards Jesus)

Your Shoes Are Too Small by Liz Griffin at Lark and Bloom (are you a dreamer?  Then READ THIS!)