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Welcome back to the Confident Mom Series.

People are like onions.  We all have layers.  And as each one gets pulled back, you get closer to the core.  We have talked about our layers of insecurity, layers of what we have experienced from our media culture, layers of relationships, but at the very core of our being, if we are in pursuit of TRUE confidence, will be a growing relationship with our Maker.


There is no real confidence, apart from walking with and knowing God.  And this happens by faith.  It’s a funny thing, how the ONE I’m most confident of, I cannot see or touch, but my life has been so deeply marked by, there is no denying Him.  I don’t know all the answers to all the hard questions, but I know one thing: He loves to meet with His kids, and take them deep into His heart of love.  I also know that its easy to get into the rut of approaching God like a formal deity instead of an intimate friend.

But the confident mom discovers that in a growing, intimate friendship with God is most sure and solid place she can be.

And for friendships to grow, they require intentional time set apart.

The truly confident mom takes time to meet with God, and finds herself in Him.  Early in the morning, at naptime, in the carpool line, after the house is quiet at night- whenever she can, wherever she can, she meets with Him and is changed in His presence.

Why?  Because she knows that apart from Him, she has no rock to stand on.  Everything in life is shifting sand, and His love is the only thing that gives true security.  In Him is real life and true confidence.  


If we want true confidence, we will TAKE TIME to seek the only ONE who can give us perfect peace.  The only One who can fill us with vision and wisdom for life.  The only ONE who can replace lies with truth and bondage for freedom.  And the good news, is that He is more near than we can imagine.

This is what my daily time with God looks like, just for the sake of example.  There are many ways to meet with God (and hopefully someday I’ll do a series on creative ways to meet with God).  This is just how it looks for me, and I pray it stirs some ideas that you can take with you.

  • I wake up early- before my kids.
  • I hit the “brew” button for the coffee I prepared the night before.
  • I sit quietly and breathe deeply.
  • I wait for my heart to become aware of His presence.
  • I open iTunes, plug my ears with earbuds and I worship Him.
  • I recognize that He is with me, and I open my heart to Him in prayer.
  • I get real with Him, telling Him how I’m really doing and what is on the forefront of my heart.  Usually in my journal.
  • Then I open His word and let His truth sink in and penetrate my open heart.  Even if its one verse, I ask Him to change me with His word.  I usually write it down on an index card, because that helps it “stick”.
  • I listen for His voice in the quiet of my heart, and often write what I hear Him say, and we “talk”.
  • invite Him into my day: into my writing that morning, into my playgroup that day, into my kids’ lives and my marriage.

Then my kids wake up, and I take another deep breath, and turn up the volume of the worship so they can join in.  I tell them how good God is and how this is the day He has made, and that because He is with us, it’s going to be great.

Because my life depends on Him.  He is my Rock.

(side note: The most important thing about my time with God, is my focus on being a responder to Him, not following a religious ritual.  If He begins to stir my heart deeply about a Bible verse, I may stay on that verse the entire time and simply listen to Him teach me.  If He is drawing my heart into prayer, then I pray.  If He is pouring His love into my heart as I worship, then I stay there and receive.  It’s all about meeting WITH HIM…not performing for Him.  I am a recovering “performer” and nearly killed myself trying to be a “good Christian”.  His love has set me free.  The point is, He loves to interact with us, to speak with us and to lead us into Truth and Life.)


Have you considered that He may be inviting you to a deeper place of confidence in His love and in His presence?  HE PURSUES US with lovingkindess everyday, and we can simply say “yes Lord- here I am, fill me up”.  He is that good.

Hello Mornings has GREAT tips and ideas (including online accountability groups where you “check in” each morning to encourage one another as you intentionally set apart time for God.)

“Oh God, You are my God; Early will I seek You.  My soul thirsts for You, my flesh longs for You in a dry and weary land where there is no water.  So I have looked for you in the sanctuary, to see Your power and glory.  

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You.  Thus I will bless You while I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name. My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness, and my mouth shall praise you with joyful lips.”  Psalm 63:1-5