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Thankful for grace and peace today.  After this crazy week, I find myself craving His word, His truth and His presence.  I crave meeting with Him all the more.

Praying you find HIM this weekend and rest in His unshakable peace.  Here are a few reads I enjoyed this week, and thought you might too.

  1. 4 Things You Need To Know About Your Gifts by Priscilla Shirer via A Holy Experience (this was timely for my heart given our conversations about TRUE confidence and developing your “gifts”.
  2. Misunderstood by Adrienne Sandvos via Darling Magazine.  (Adrienne is a dear friend of mine, and has always had the ability to express heart truths that reach many.  She did it again.)
  3. On Braces Eve by Ashley Larkin (parenting is “holding on and letting go, over and over again” so well put.)
  4. On Taking a Regular Screen Sabbath by Tsh at Simple Mom (a practical way a family silences the everyday noise.)
  5. The Place Between Dreaming: Courage and Reality by Sarah Markley (another fitting post to read in light of our conversation this week on discovering and developing your gifts.)
  6. A New Legalism by Jennie Allen (an honest post from one my favorite new authors and Bible teachers on “living simply” “living radically”, simply responding to Jesus in your circumstances and NOT COMPARING what that looks like.  So refreshing)

“Grace and peace to you, from God our Father and the LORD Jesus Christ.”                   2 Thessalonians 1:2