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The past two posts have addressed the “out working” of TRUE confidence in our lives, as we discover and develop our passions.  We’re going to finish our Confident Mom Series by thinking about how our passions can make a difference in the lives of our friends, families and communities.

Let me say this: you, dear friend, have amazing things to share with the people around you.  Part of living out your purpose on the earth, is being YOURSELF, for the good of others. 


Life is brimming full with kids, and commitments and dinner to cook.  So look for natural ways to incorporate your passions into your stage of life, and ways you could involve your kids in the process.  Think simple.  Think local. 

  • If you are a great cook, plan a delish meal and have the new family in your neighborhood over for dinner.  Their bodies and souls will be nourished.
  • If you garden, then plant, harvest and deliver a portion of your produce to the local food pantry. Talk to your kids about hungry people, and how it’s an honor to share food with them.
  • If you are great with style, host a “look your best with what you have” party with your mom friends.  Goodness knows, I need some inspiration from you fashionistas, and I’d bet I’m not the only mom who feels a bit out of the trend setter loop.
  • If you are administratively gifted, find a local group, club or organization that you love, and get involved with making things happen!  They need you, I promise!  MOPS  is an amazing place to start if you have little ones, because they can be a part of the fun in their own class.
  • If you like to write and communicate ideas, maybe there is a book or a blog in your future for a specific group of people?  Start writing to that audience for 5 minutes a day.
  • If you enjoy taking amazing pictures, you could host a “capture your kids” party and teach other moms how to capture life’s amazing memories with their cameras.
  • If you are passionate about making your home beautiful, a simple invitation to an overwhelmed friend to come, prop her feet up, and sip coffee while the kids play could change her day.  


What you take for granted as “common knowledge” or “just how you live” could really be a gift to someone who isn’t as oriented to your way of living or approaching everyday life.  Who you are is a gift.  

Invite someone IN to your life and bless them with your passions.

Let me illustrate this with a REAL LIFE story of my REAL LIFE friend.

Meet Sommer.

We met at MOPS two years ago.  I lovingly call her our “minster of natural living”.  (She is super cool and would never assume a title of any kind, but I like to emphasize her practical love and the intentionality with which she lives.)

Sommer is PASSIONATE about living naturally.  In her future goals, she dreams about farming her own food, and living a totally sustainable lifestyle.  How awesome is that?!  In this season of being a mom to young kids in the suburbs of DC, she can’t fully do that, but she is focusing on what she CAN do right now.  (I love that perspective!)  She is developing her gifts and sharing them right where she is.

She has used her passion for natural living not only to take care of her family, but to serve me and our MOPS group as well.  One day I was talking to her about my dry skin, and at our next hang-out, she brought me a natural mud “face mask”.  It was amazing!  Another one of our moms was really sick and she brought her family a pitcher of homemade garlic lemon tea, and it really helped them!  Still another day, after she had my kids and me over for a playdate and a super healthful lunch, she taught me how to sprout beans because I wanted to make more healthful foods for my family.

She has found something that she loves, and she has been diligent to develop her passion for it.  And now she shares it with others and impacts lives, right where she is. (with two little kids around her ankles)

Sommer is a mom, who is discovering TRUE confidence as she lives out her passions on purpose, one day at a time.  I am inspired by that!

As moms, it can feel difficult to navigate our identity and passions without getting consumed with diapers, little league and laundry.  I pray these ideas have stoked your fire of creativity and passion, and that you will pursue “inside-out” significance, and TRUE confidence in simple ways everyday.

PS: I enjoyed this series so much, that I find myself wanting to write more.  Would you be interested in reading an ebook someday on the topic of TRUE Confidence?  (maybe for moms, or maybe for a more general audience?)  I would LOVE your feedback in the comments; let me know if you would be interested, and if there was something you’ve loved about The TRUE confidence series.  Out of the 8 posts, which was your favorite?