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I am thrilled to welcome Liz to guest post with us today.  She blogs at Lark and Bloom, and did I mention this amazing momma fights human trafficking during her kid’s nap-time?  Not only is she a power-house for justice, she knows style and beauty and is kind enough to inspire us today with her skills.  What a fun follow-up to our Confident Mom Series!  (And since I got a sneak-peak at this post, I had time to go to Target and get several products she recommends; I am VERY pleased with her advice.  I think you will be too!  It’s good stuff.)  Thanks Liz!


Hey ladies! Spring is in the air and summer is well on its way. Francie asked if I would do a beauty post & I’m happy to share some of my spring/summer makeup looks. Warm weather makeup is all about color and fresh looking skin. I’m sharing two of my go-to spring looks with you today.

Now, I am a 30-something mother of two. Fresh looking skin doesn’t come so naturally anymore. It would be much easier if dry patches, dark circles, and discoloration were in style. But, they aren’t, so I had to figure out how to fake it. Here are two looks to help you look effortlessly glowing this spring & summer!


Fresh Faced – if you have 10 minutes

Creating fresh, natural and rosy skin isn’t as hard as it sounds. This look takes me a total of ten minutes and then I am out the door!

1: Prep your skin with a great moisturizer. Most likely what you use in the winter will be too heavy and make your skin look greasy. During the summer I just wear sunscreen as my moisturizer during the day.

My favorites: Bobbie Brown eye cream, Philosophy Hope In A Jar, and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen.

2: Sheer Foundation. If you don’t need tons of coverage use a BB Cream (basically tinted moisturizer on steroids) or a natural looking foundation.

My favorites: Stilla BB Cream, Bobbie Brown Skin Foundation and Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.

3. Concealer. Pick a concealer that has yellow undertones and a creamy texture. Warm it by rubbing the product onto the back of your hand before applying under your eyes and anywhere else you need it.

My favorites: Bobbie Brown is hands down the best. Cover Girl Simply Ageless is another good one.

4. Bronzer. The goal of bronzer is not to make you darker, but to warm your skin a bit. Don’t apply it all over. Just lightly sweep it along the top of your forehead, under your cheekbone and along the jaw line. Also, avoid one with shimmer.

My favorite: Benefit Hula Bronzer 

5. Blush. Use a fresh pink or peach color. Don’t put blush within about an inch of your nose or it will make you look ruddy instead of naturally flushed.

My favorite: Smashbox Blush Rush

6. Eye shadow. Use a warm nude color across your eyelids.

My favorite: MAC eye shadow in Wedge

7. Eyeliner. I line my eyes with a gel liner. It stays put all day in the sun.

My favorite: MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz.

8. Mascara. Eyelashes thin as you age, so thick lashes are an immediate anti-ager.

My favorite: Maybelline Mega Plush Volume Express 

9. Lip Balm. A sheer wash of color is all you need with this look.

My favorite: Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine


Bold Lips – If you have 5 minutes

A bold lip is the biggest bang for your buck. If I am exhausted this is my staple. It instantly wakes your face up and pulls you together. (Products are the same as the ones listed in the above look)

1. Prep your skin & lips. Use a moisturizer and/or sunscreen. Also, dab some lip balm on your lips to get them primed.

2. Apply a sheer foundation. You don’t want to look too made up, but you also don’t want to have any redness on your skin. Even out the color with as little produce as possible.

3. Concealer. Dab concealer under your eyes & on your eyelids (instead of shadow).

4. Bronzer. You don’t want to have color on your face competing with your lips. So, skip blush and dust on a light layer of bronzer.

5. Eyeliner & Mascara. Only line the top of the eyes with eyeliner or you will look too formal. Follow up with mascara.

6. Apply a bright lipstick.  This scares so many women. I promise once you find the right color, you will love wearing red lips. More tips for picking out the right shade can be found here. 

My favorites: Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in Are You Red-dy

Hope that helps ladies. These tips just help enhance the natural beauty that God has given each one of you. Play around until you get it right. You will be amazed how quickly you can do your makeup once you get comfortable with it. I am sure you will be looking vacation worthy in no time!