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Do you ever turn around and feel like everywhere you look, people you love are hurting?


It seems that every few years, a friend or relative experiences death, disease, or devastating heartbreak.  Or there is a terrorist attack, or an explosion or something that takes your breath away.  Right now, I’m walking through a season like this with a friend.  It is heart-wrenching to taste death, to wrestle with the “why”, to wonder the purpose behind it all.

I walked into church yesterday, weary and heavy.  On the verge of sad tears, not faith tears.  Do you know what I mean?  But as soon as the worship team started singing, worship broke loose in my heart and prayers flowed for my friend.  They were prayers of faith and love, birthed straight from the heart of the Comforter Himself.

As I lifted the eyes of my heart to worship the One Worthy, I was able encounter our Powerful God in the midst of powerless sorrow; to experience Him in the pit of heartbreak.

If I ask the “why” questions, without worship, my heart makes God seem distant, aloof and cold.  But when I come into worship, I am blown away by how He reveals His unchanging nature to my weary heart.

He does not stand idly by while we suffer.  He is The One who tenderly cares for the downcast, the One who promised that those who mourn are blessed.

Blessed, because He is close to the brokenhearted.  

His comfort and presence is stronger than any answer we will ever find to our “why” questions.

And most of the time, we will never know the why.  But we can know God in the midst of mourning.

And worship is a way to encounter Him in the heartbreak.  

Declaring His faithfulness, His strength, His power that overwhelms our weakness.

It’s faith beyond reason to worship Him in the heart-break, but it’s the way to Life.


“Who is this, coming from the wilderness, leaning on her Beloved?”  Song of Sol 8:5

If nothing else, the wilderness of heartbreak, sorrow and brokenness is our chance to simply lean.  Lean into Him.  And leaning on Him is worship.  Releasing the pain to Him, knowing that He died to absorb our pain.  Trusting Him with the why, and trusting Him to make what is totally broken, somehow beautiful.

Praying for my friends who are weeping, that our gaze would be fixed on the True Comforter, the One who satisfies the longing soul.  That in our tears, we would be settled on this:

Jesus is good.  Jesus is near.  Jesus is enough.  Especially in the heartbreak.

“The LORD is near to those who have a broken heart.” Psalm 34:18

If your heart is heavy, take a minute to worship Him now.  He is stronger than whatever heartbreak we face.  And He is near.