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Refreshed.  Inspired.  Comforted.  Challenged.

These words describe how I felt as I finished Alexandra Kuykendall’s memoir, “The Artist’s Daughter” last week.  And wow.  Did I mention that I was amazed?  Amazed by her adventures, and her perspective.  Amazed that even though our lives took very different courses, I could deeply identify with her story.

Alex says that her book is like a sketch book: small stories put together that tell a larger story.  I found her approach to writing so refreshing and easy to engage, especially as a busy young mom who has little time for pleasure reading.  But a pleasure it really was.  I couldn’t wait to get in bed each night and keep reading!

Woven throughout her life story are the universal themes of wanting to be loved and being defined by the ways we have known and given away love.

Check out a video of Alex sharing her vision for the book here.


The cover image shows Alex at the beginning of the book.  It ushers the reader into her life as a little girl traveling Europe with her brave single mother.  The story immediately grips your heart as you sit in on the first time Alex meets her father (at age 8) in a small restaurant in Barcelona.  As an accomplished Spanish artist, consumed with his life and pursuits, her father was never able to give her the love, support or affection she craved as a young girl.  The book continues to unfold stories of life with her mom from adolescence, to school, to marriage, to Alex’s present role as a wife and mother.  All the while, highlighting her journey to finding the love, support and affection she desired in the Truly Original Artist, her Father God.

Insightful questions at the end of the book address themes like insecurity, choosing to love, trust, forgiveness, motherhood, friendship, and fear.  Each of these themes fall into the context of relatable stories, and scenes from Alex’s life that left me laughing and crying out loud as I read them.  I’m sure the same will be true for you.

This book is a MUST for your summer beach reading, a book club or a Moms’ group.  While you are at it, click here to buy a copy for your girl friend, sister, mother or neighbor.  (hint: Mother’s Day is coming!)

The Artist’s Daughter is like a breath of fresh air; it is filled with honest reflections on a loving God at work in our very imperfect world.  You will be changed as you experience the world through the eyes and life of Alexandra Kuykendall.  She is a light and a voice for us all who are eager to find the beautiful redemption of God in the midst of our own imperfect stories.

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I just LOVE blessing you with books and resources that have touched my life, trusting they will touch yours too.  Thanks for being here!