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  • Are you tired?
  • Are you worried about difficult circumstances in your life?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the mundane tasks you face every.day?
  • Do you want to live and love others from a place of being refreshed and rested, rather than drained and depleted?

This past weekend I was scheduled to address these issues and offer encouragement as the keynote speaker for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) regional training conference for MOPS leaders from Virginia, West Virginia and DC.

BUT- kids get sick, and mine did.  And husbands travel for work, and mine was.

So, I put it on YouTube.  They got to hear the message I prepared, and I got to stay home with my sick baby.  And the bright side, is that since it’s recorded, you can hear it and be encouraged too!  

This 20 minute talk is geared to MOPS leaders, but is applicable to anyone in any season of life.  In it, I talk about 3 types of circumstances that leave us restless, and practical ways to experience internal REST in those times.

I hope you enjoy, and would love to chat in the comments sections about your thoughts/reflections on the topic of internal rest in our restlessness.

Sending you LOVE!