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When it comes to “dreaming big” and living out our passions (as we talked about in the Confident Mom Series), sometimes we worry about pride getting in the way.

But more often, our bigger problem is mistaking humility for insecurity.  We think that if we play small, people will think we are humble.  But it is insecurity that makes us smaller in our own eyes.  True humility allows us to live boldly with love.  

Humility is not seeing ourselves as small, but seeing ourselves rightly as we are.  And we, sisters, are royal.

We are beautifully unique.  We are magnificently gifted.  We are incomparably talented.  We were made ON purpose FOR a purpose.

And as women pursuing TRUE confidence, we are daily throwing aside insecurity, as it if were a chain, and growing closer to the God who speaks life and meaning into our hearts.  And as we walk with our Maker, we apprehend the destiny for which we were created.

When we know we are in Christ, and we see ourselves as He does, we can dream big; the world is waiting for us to walk out our God-given destiny in love, because we, sisters, were made for such a time as this.  Let’s dream big, and love well with the days we have on the earth.

What are some of your BIG dreams?

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