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Those who look to God are radiant– their faces are never covered with shame.

Psalm 34:5

I recently spoke to a group of women.  I shared some of my personal story.  Stuff of past shame.  Of lies that kept my eyes downcast and my heart heavy.  A testimony of a time in my life when I looked down in shame, fear and condemnation; and about the change that happened when I began looking up to Him in trust.  

My story is a story of learning to look at Him daily, and about the freedom and peace I found as a result of looking at Him.

Then, I asked them the question – “Where are your eyes?”.

Those who LOOK.TO.HIM are radiant.

If we look at God, we are God-conscious.

If we look at ourselves, we are self-conscious.


The enemy wants us to be trapped in our shame, and to miss the extended grace of a loving Father.  He lies, telling us to STARE at our sins- at the things that separate us from God.

When we spend our days looking down at our feet in shame- or around in fear of what others are thinking,  our lives will be ruled with regrets that never rest.  We will stumble through this journey that He meant to be a dance.

BUT.  If we look to Him, the eyes of our hearts locked into His, watching for His cues and His leadership and His love pouring out, we will be radiant.

Not only will we shine with hope, we will walk in peace and confidence no matter what comes- because our confidence will be based the very ONE who holds our gaze.  

We are to LOOK UP to HIM– He is where our help comes from.  When we lock gazes with Him, we will be guided by His eye (ps. 32:8)

Look to Him– in your moments- in your morning, in the evening, in the pauses of your day.  Lift the gaze of your heart to God and offer Him space in the moments that make up your day.  It’s when we look to Him, that the shackles of shame and fear and the deceitfulness of the enemy lose their grip.

Look to Him.  Live radiantly.