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The boy had 3 fish and 5 loaves.  Looking his way were thousands of hungry faces.  It had been a long day for all of them.  What they had probably looked like “a whole lot of nothin'” in the face of their need.  You would think the One in charge would be stressing out at such circumstances.  But it seems like Jesus was unmoved by the lack.  How can that be?


My shoulder is usually a bit crusty from the baby’s nose, my pants smudged with cheesy finger marks, and I usually walk around feeling a bit foggy and worn out.  But that’s where I am with three little kids and that’s what I have to offer.  From my perspective, what I have looks like another “whole lot of nothin'”, and I’m often tempted to be more than stressed out by my seeming lack.


But I’ve come to believe that He doesn’t care about how little I have, or how not-together I feel.

What He DOES care about, is the way that I give it all to Him.  He didn’t care about the few fish and loaves, he cared that the boy just handed his basket over to Jesus, and trusted Jesus to do the work of provision.

This God I know, this Good Shepherd, He is a master multiplier.

I come to Him, and give Him my reality.  And He takes what I give Him, and then provides all I need.  His provision comes from who He is- not from my felt lack.  God doesn’t struggle with lack- He’s waiting to be our provider.

The key ingredient to that provision is that we take all we have and put it in His hands- in His hands is where the miracles happen.

What He cares about is me trusting Him in the midst of my lack.  He’s interested in my belief in His bigness, more than my obsession over my own smallness.

He cares that we put all things in His hands, and trust Him to be the God He says He is.