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Put simply: I do what I love.  Every morning.


These are the things that I really, really love to do.  And that’s why I aim to wake up at 5:30 and do these things until around 7 when my kids come downstairs.

1. I love to get lost in worship.  Taking time to settle down into God, and shift my eyes from my circumstances to Him.  A few of my current favorite songs are: 10,000 ReasonsBuild Your Kingdom Here, and Still Believe.

2. I love to write.  I feel compelled to write.  So I try to write a little everyday.  As I pour out, I get filled up.

3. I love to read my Bible and experience God’s heart in it.

4. I love to plan my day and week in the early mornings.  And I love this planner, a lot.

5. I love to take walks in the morning.  Even just 15 minutes of alone time exercising outside is enough to fill me up and get my body ready for an active day.

I’ve found that the more I do the things I love, the more I become the person I dream of becoming.