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(I’ll be visiting my parents this week.  In honor of them, I dedicate this whole week of writing to the way their loved formed me, reflecting on the best gift they ever gave me.)  

Spring 07 6

A three-letter word (that they lived, more than they even said) set me free to develop without fear, and to reach for my destiny.  From my earliest childhood memories, to my first attempts to “fly from the nest”, my parents gave my dreams room to breath and grow.

The three-letter word that changed my life : YES.

Year after year, they said YES.  Even when it was inconvenient, costly, or unconventional.  It started when I was a little thing, and their continuous “yes” ushered me right into the life I’m living today.

Their “yes” gave me space to be me, to discover who I was and what I was made to do.  And I am eternally grateful for that.

They showed me their support not only by “saying” yes, but by showing me “yes” in their actions, prayers and provision.  In their “yes”, they gave me room to be me, and the freedom to follow my passions.  Their yes showed me that they trusted me, and trusted God, inch by inch, mile by mile, nation by nation.  Their yes showed me that it was okay to take risks, to fail forward and to step into uncharted territory.

Now, as I parent, the thought of how they loved, leaves me breathless, and so very grateful.  The way they said “yes” showed me that I could trust God, and that nothing was impossible.

Their “yes” inspired me to think big, and with no limits.  

(I plan add several related posts this week, reflecting back on my life and the way their consistent “yes” propelled me into my destiny.)  

Tomorrow’s post:

“A Little Girl, With Big Questions: The Best Gift My Parents Ever Gave Me Continued”