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Dear friends…..Thank you so much for your warm words of love and sympathy over our recent loss.  I was simply blown away by your support.  Thank you.  

This post was formed from my time with God this morning.  I pray that it draws you into Him, and gives you a space to encounter His heart.  The blue italicised highlights are scripture.  

It’s also my prayer that this post can serve as a resource for you to read now, and for you to revisit when you have time to spend with God.  That you would invite Him into it, read it slowly, click the verses that touch your heart, and allow Jesus to tenderly speak to you with His good and never-changing Word.  

Thank you for meeting me here, and making this a rich place.  I so appreciate your company along the way.  

Bless you, dear friends, as we journey on together……

~ Love, Francie ~


There are so many mysteries.  I know I only see part of the picture.  My view is partial, and fuzzy.


But You see it all.  And in Your wisdom, You are tender.  Even in suffering, I am finding You to be good, again and again.  Your mercies are real.

Thank You, Lord, for this sweet word You gave me this morning:

“But each day, the LORD pours His unfailing love upon me; and through each night, I sing His songs, praying to the God who gives me life.”

Psalm 42:8

I can feel it.  You are dancing, rejoicing over me- quieting me with Your love, singing me gentle songs of deliverance.  Deliverance from the things that try to grab my heart, steal my joy and take me captive.  You are the Freedom Bringer, and it is Your nature to set captives free.  Thank You for that, God.

You see me.  You hold each of my tears in a bottle.  You see me in my own captivity of fear, confusion and unbelief.  And You rush to open up every prison door that keeps me trapped.  Freedom bringer, body healer, heart cleanser, that’s who You are.

And freedom is being with You.  I will experience Your goodness, even now, because I am Yours.  That is our promise for eternity.  And thank You God, that eternity starts now.

You are with me.  As I walk in the fire, I am not burned, and as the waters rise, I am not overcome.  You are with Me.  And surely goodness and mercy is following me every step of the way.



And I hear You say to me….

“….Arise, come to Me.  My glory shines upon you … my glory is your strength and your shield, I am the One who lifts your head.

I am holding you strong.  I am your strong-hold.  I am. 

Your tears and the circumstances around you, may mock me- saying “where is your God?”.

But here is the key, my sweet child.  Set your heart on a pilgrimage- a journey to knowing my heart.  It’s about the pilgrimage into my heart, not about arriving with the answers.

It’s about walking closely with Me into more of My kingdom unfolding on the earth.  It’s about knowing My nature, and craving My restoration in the deepest places of your being.  And as you seek, My work of restoration will begin to saturate every square inch of your heart, mind and life, impacting even the way you see hard things.  And then hope will arise.  It will seep out and impact every person you touch.

And the hope will keep moving.  Heart to heart, life to life, nation to nation.  And one day soon, I will come, and you will see the fullness of the restoration you crave revealed.  The fullness every soul craves to know.

Until then, my sweet child, set your heart on a pilgrimage into the depths of My heart.  I will be with you every step of the way.  And you are right..the fire will not burn you, and the rising waters will not overcome you.  Because I am enough for you.  No matter what comes your way, I am always enough.  


Every other pursuit will turn up empty.  But in your pursuit of My heart and My kingdom, you will find the understanding you seek.  In such a pursuit, the only worthy pursuit, you will find freedom, joy, fullness and peace.  Do not grieve, precious one, my joy is your strength.  In Me, is HOPE eternal.

Know that I hold all things, even your precious one.

You are my delight, dear child.  Receive my joy today.  Receive the songs I sing over you.  Songs of deliverance, songs of peace.  Remember this:  My loving-kindness is pointed straight at you, pouring out over you today.  This is your confidence.

I am holding you strong.  Let’s journey on together.”

“Blessed are those whose strength is in You, whose heart is set on a pilgrimage.”

Psalm 84:5